Finding out which prison someone is in

The prison someone is sent to in Scotland can depend on factors such as whether they are remanded or convicted, their gender, where they are from, and what space is available. Prisoners can also be transferred to other prisons for a range of reasons. When someone is sent to prison they are usually offered a chance to let family know where they are. If you haven’t heard from someone who is in custody in Scotland, you can email the SPS.

Booking a prison visit

Each prisoner has a list of visitors that may come to visit them. If they are not on that list you will not be allowed a visit. Each prison in Scotland operates bookings differently dependent on facilities. In some prisons the prisoner will book the visit and you will be notified, in others you will be able to phone and book. For details on how to book a visit at a specific prison, visit the prison information pages.

Visiting a relative in prison in Scotland

To find out visit times and information, please visit the prison pages where your relative is located. When you visit a prison you will need some form of photographic ID, you may also be asked for some additional ID.  Before you travel it is best to contact the prison to make sure you have the correct documents required.

Keeping in touch

Children and families are hugely motivating factors that can influence behaviour change and SPS are committed to working with families, community and voluntary sector partners in order to maintain meaningful family contact throughout a period of imprisonment. Find out more about how to contact someone in prison.

Family Contact Officer

In Scotland, every prison has at least one Family Contact Office (FCO), a member of prison staff  who is responsible for encouraging and maintaining links with families. The main role of the FCO is to offer  support and advice for relatives who may have concerns about their loved ones. If you feel you may benefit from this please ask to speak to the FCO at the prison you are visiting. If  the FCO is unable to assist you personally, they will put you in touch with someone who can. You can also speak with  the FCO by telephone.